How to Become An EPF Agent

Elite Penguin Force is on the Club Penguin Island. We need YOUR help to save Club Penguin. So that means, you must join the EPF. Here is the perfect guide for you.

Step 1. Login to Club Penguin.

Step 2. If you are an agent, click on your Spy Phone and press the Go There button. If you’re not, go to the Everyday Phone Faculty.

Step 3. The phone will start to ring, click on the phone.

Step 4. Hit the target with a snowball.

Step 5. Walk to the green square.

Step 6. Run to the red square as fast as you can.

Step 7. Walk away from the red square.

Step 8. Hide in any of the three places shown below. If you can’t see the picture, walk to the down-right corner or the down-left corner.

Step 9. After you’ve hidden in any of those places, throw a snowball at the camera.

Step 10. After that, the screen will add up your scores and if you did a good job, you are now an EPF Agent. Congratulations! Enter the elevator.

You can now use your EPF Spy Phone and visit the EPF Headquarters whenever you like. If you are a member and you used the Herbert’s Revenge code, you can bring out Elite Puffles. There are also some other neat features on the Spy Phone.

Here is the new EPF HQ if you haven’t passed the test yet.

The New Elite Penguin Force HQ

The New Elite Penguin Force HQ

I hope this guide helped you and once again, congratulations on becoming an EPF Agent!

13 Comments on “How to Become An EPF Agent”

  1. APPLE21570 Says:


  2. lolzie14 Says:

    the phone will not ring for me:(

  3. Ellie Says:


  4. kane Says:

    it didn,t work

  5. The phone won’t ring! Help us!

  6. Isabella Says:

    my phone doesn’t ring!!

  7. kayley Says:

    the phone doesn’t ring

  8. kayley Says:

    i’m with Isabella

  9. BossBhae Martin Says:

    wht happens if the fone doesnt ring

  10. Lionpolice Says:

    Hey Guys …………………I’m a volunteer in CP (club penguin)…
    I will go and check the penguin’s igloo…….The best igloo i will like I will send the picture of that igloo to CP …….So be prepared
    I will come to check your igloos and sometimes I will suggest you how to decorate your igloos………My penguin’s name is ( Lionpolice )

    ——-Waddle on Club penguin——Lionpolice

  11. christian Says:

    the phone doesn’t ring

  12. gary Says:

    plssssss someone say whyyyy the phone doesnt ring!!!??

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