Hello. I am in need of somethings I cannot get. Here is a list of things you can donate to me:

  • Coin Codes
  • Membership Codes
  • Card Jitsu Codes
  • Xats/Powers/Days on Xat
If you do donate something that is listed above you can get a selection of things. Here is what you can get if you donate:
  • You get your very own post about you and your site.
  • Shadow Xman will add you on Club Penguin.
  • I will give you a maximum amount of two tweets advertising your site on Twitter.
  • I will make you your own banner.(It can say something like your user-name or the link of your site. Please tell me which one.) Examples of banners:
If you want a certain font tell me and I may be able to use it. Also, I will give you the HTML code for the banner so you can put it on your site.

All of those prizes are optional.

If you donate to me one of those things, thank you and you will get the prizes very soon after you donate to me. Remember, if you want to do donate, email me at and tell me what you want to me give me. If it is a code or codes tell me the codes, if it is xats/powers/days on Xat, make up a time and I’ll see if we can meet on Xat for you to give me xats/powers/days.

People Who Donated Something To Me:


Thank you!

4 Comments on “Donate”

  1. Lord Vandock Says:

    Hey wilberd. I’m possibly getting some trading cards soon so I will email u the code of the item i get.

  2. hunter326 Says:

    how do you send wordpress credits?

    • Wilberd Says:

      You have to have a WordPress blog.
      Then go to the Dashboard scroll down to upgrades.
      Click gifts.
      Then follow from there and read.

      You have to pay for WordPress Credits unless someone sends them to you, which you can send them to me.

  3. Bree Says:

    I can not afford anything you want because I have to pay my own electric bills and phone bills. But I really need you to advertise my website.

    Please still advertise my website without the items you would like!


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