The Penguin Band Information

—–The Penguin Band Information—–

The Penguin Band is Club Penguin’s music rockin band. It plays very good music for Club Penguin. With G Billy on drums or flute, Petey K on piano or accordion, Stompin’ Bob on bass and Franky on guitar, the members of Penguin Band make quite a team.

There are four penguins in the band. They’re names are G Billy, Franky, Stompin Bob, and Petey K.

The Penguin Band’s Background is out when The Music Jam Party is out. They also come at The Penguin Play awards each year. The Penguin Band may also appear in parties but you won’t be able to meet them and get their Autographed Background.

You do NOT have to be a Member to see The Penguin Band but it is easier to find them if you are a Member because they go into Member only areas most of the time.

Here are pictures of them.

Penguin Band

Good luck on finding them whenever you can!


11 Comments on “The Penguin Band Information”

  1. salazar4 Says:


  2. Lord Vandock Says:

    That rox!

  3. mistyboo Says:


  4. mistyboo Says:

    its so super ur site

  5. G Billy Says:

    Hey guys come and look at this all the penguin fans love us !!!

  6. G Billy Says:

    Cool penguins!!!

  7. Franky Says:

    That’s cool G Billy πŸ™‚

  8. Stompin Bob Says:

    OI! What are you lot doinnn…..ghi everyone come here to see me play πŸ˜‰

  9. cadence Says:

    hey Franky you single ill be at the night club waiting for you bye sallyrose11 (flutters eyelashes) bye bye hot stuff

  10. Ragdapepper Says:

    hope to cyou guys on CP πŸ™‚ anyways the info realy helped alot

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