Tips on Finding Sensei

—-How to Find Sensei—-

The Sensei is a wise penguin who lives in the Dojo and instructs penguins on the way of the ninja. Very little is known about the mysterious character, but he is said to enjoy the arts and green tea, and can turn invisible whenever he wants to.

Can I become a ninja?

Yes! you can become a ninja at anytime. To start your journey go to the dojo and click on the Sensei to learn the Instructions and get your Card-Jitsu Starter Pack. From here you can earn your belts, challenge the Sensei or read the Instuctions again if you forgot something. To check what belt you are on or how close you are to the next belt click on the cards in the bottem right hand corner. (You can only click on it if you are in the Dojo area)

When you are a black belt you must verse the Sensei to get your ninja mask and enter the Ninja Hideout. If you are a member and you become a Ninja you can play Card-Jitsu Fire and become a Fire Ninja.

Can I meet The Sensei?

Yes you can! Sensei apears when a New Level of Card-Jitsu comes out or when celebrating something to do with ninjas. Sometimes his visits are unexpected and sometimes he will say that penguins can meet him in advance in the Newspaper. If you meet Sensei then you will get his Autographed Background. Sensei only goes in the Dojo areas (Dojo, Dojo Courtyard, Ninja Hideout and Fire Dojo) and possibly might come to the Penguin Play Awards in March.

Good luck on finding Sensei!



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