Saint Partick’s Day Party – Sneak Peek

Hello penguins!

The Club Penguin Saint Patrick’s Day Party will be held on March 13th and will end on March 17th. Take a look at this picture of what the party will look like.

It’s going to be fun and very greenish(lol). I hope you will enjoy it when it’s out.


Agent Wilberd

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2 Comments on “Saint Partick’s Day Party – Sneak Peek”

  1. Amu Hinamori Says:

    Please remove the microchip123 ads. Thank you.

    Wilberd: Why?

  2. azuki123 Says:

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    Did you really hacked Straw000? I herd that you hacked Straw000… Just wondering…

    Anyway, go to my website!!

    Wilberd: No I edited it. But im not telling you how, there is no trainer for password hacking. I do not know his password.

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