The Penguin Play Awards 2010!

Edit: There is also a free item at the Dock. Check it out!


The Penguin Play Awards are here! Let’s check out the Plaza.

Enter the Stage for the Penguin Play Awards. The 5 Stage Nominees are Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal, Ruby and the Ruby, Quest For The Golden Puffle, Fairy Fables, and Underwater Adventure. There is a screen/T.V. thing and it will show you videos of the Stage plays.

Members may enter the Backstage Area and get 2 free items. There will also be some mascots coming to visit in random servers.

These are the items:

There is also a new Stage catalog for members.

It has costumes from all 5 Stage Nominees. There is only 1 cheat. Click the Penguin Play Award for the Penguin Awards Background.

You can vote in the Voting Booth in the Plaza. Once you’ve voted, it will say the results will be there on March 30.

Don’t forget to check out the new and awesome Pizza Parlor!

Sadly, it’s only there until the Penguin Play Awards event is over.

Tell me what you guys think about all the stuff!


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