Tips On How To Find Rockhopper

About Rockhopper and His Ship

Rockhopper is an adventuring Pirate penguin. He sails the seas in his ship, The Migrator, in search of treasure and adventure. He returns to Club Penguin when the wind is right (Approximately 2 months) with items to sell.

Rockhopper docks his ship, The Migrator, at the beach (Next to the Lighthouse) and you can visit the Main Deck, Crows Nest, and the Ship Hold. If you want to get into his Captain’s Quarters then go to the Book Room (Above the Coffee Shop in the Town) and view the book “Rockhopper’s Journal.” Go to the last page and click on the key. It will then say “Would you like to pick this up?” Click Yes and it will be in your inventory and you can wear it as a Pin.

Favorite Severs:
Rockhopper goes on severs that are Almost Full like Blizzard, Mammoth, Frozen, Big Foot, Abominable, Below, Zero, Yeti, and Yukon. There is 1 Sever that he goes on most of the time and at certain hours it has barely anyone on it. It is Glacier. But Rockhopper goes on EVERY sever but he goes on these ones most.

Favorite Rooms:
Rockhopper’s favorite rooms are Beach, Dock, Ice Berg, Pizza Parlour, Town Center, and of course his own ship, The Migrator. He will never go in rooms like The Ninja hideout or The Fire Dojo.

If You See Him:
If you see Rockhopper make sure you get his Autographed Background. To get it click on the box where the Buddy Sign is supposed to be and collect his background. Make sure that every time you see him you do this because sometimes hes gives different backgrounds away. (Look out for The Adventure Party for he gave a different one out when it was on)

Finding him In Advance:
Every week you can check the telescope located in the Beacon of the Lighthouse which is in the Beach. You will be able to see clear skies, Rockhopper’s ship far away or Rockhopper’s ship getting closer. When Rockhopper leaves Club Penguin you will see The Migrator leaving Club Penguin and going the opposite direction.

I hope that this helps you find Rockhopper!

Good Luck!

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9 Comments on “Tips On How To Find Rockhopper”

  1. kape1177 Says:

    wow, i found rock hopper like 8 times!!

  2. Hola snuffle Says:

    it wont work!!!!!

  3. Hola snuffle Says:

    it wont work!!!!! HELP!!!

  4. flower93935 Says:

    i can never get rockhoppers backgroung my sister and my friend have it but i dont i need help please!!!!?

    Wilberd: Just try your best. Sorry if we can’t help but just use this info and tips, and try hard and you might find him.

  5. […] For those of you that don’t know who Rockhopper is or need help finding him, click here to go … Good luck finding Rockhopper, penguins! Don’t give up, and keep trying! I know you can do it! […]

  6. kaylee Says:

    Rockhopper likes to go on other country’s server so u need to check other nations too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. super folder Says:

    never found him 😦

  8. coolgirl223 Says:


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